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Welcome to Savory or sweet blog

Are you eating healthy, are you active person, are you trying to give to your body the best of nature, are you looking for inspiration and extraordinary recipes? Maybe in your kitchen started to be boring, the routine takes over and you want to experiment a little? If yes, you have to try out my recipes!

Healthy treats

You can ``have a cake`` and ``eat cake``, without feeling guilty.

Veggie based cakes

Replace white flour with something more nutritious.

Original dishes

Do not be afraid, go beyond the pattern and think outside the box.

Karolina Gawrońska

Her main passionfood and sports. Student of finance and accounting, an intern at the corporation, in her spare time she experiments in the kitchen and creates her own recipes. She constantly adds more, pours, mix and tries until she gets something delicious, writing down all the ingredients and their proportions on the wayShe is constantly looking for new challenges and defeats her own weaknesses everyday. She is passionate about almost every kind of sport and active lifestyle and tries to infect everyone around. Not only running, but also triathlon has become a part of her life.



My recipe for success?

Eat good and feel good! But remember, diet is not everything, beacuse to give effect, it should go hand in hand with training  Do you want to get recipe for how to feel good in your own body? Start doing sports and take care of your body, because you have only one!




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